Armored Accessories

When you are planning for full security, why miss out protective accessories? Armored accessories from Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) are the best in quality, created carefully from specially chosen materials. SAV is well known for its armoring capabilities and high quality. Here's what we offer:

1.Personal/body armoring

Armored Vests – Tactical armored vests can be worn externally or under your clothes as well. Either way, it is enough to give you ballistic protection even in close combat. If you have some threat, or sense some potential danger, you should use these vests to protect you from it. These professionally designed vests may be concealable, if you don't want anyone to know that you're wearing them.

Bullet Proof Vests – If you are moving without an armored vehicle, there are chances that you may be faced with potential threat. In such a case, close combat may cause serious injuries. Bulletproof vests make sure that you do not get injured, even when you are face to face with danger. These vests are specially designed to protect you or mitigate damage when confronted with ballistics.

Bullet Proof Helmet – A head injury could cost you your life, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to give your head adequate protection – especially when you are in strife prone areas. Bulletproof helmets are designed using special composite materials which would protect your head from ballistic and traumatic injuries. The helmet may or may not come with a shield for your face. Depending on how much protection you desire, you can order your helmet accordingly.

Bullet Proof Jacket – The biggest advantage of having a bullet proof jacket is that it can be worn over your clothes. This is ideal when you do not need to have your armor concealed. Such a jacket can be easily worn and removed. Since it is also worn over your clothes and does not need to be concealed, it can be as thick as you want. Usually, the thicker the jacket is, the more protection it would give you. However, it should not be too thick.

2. Armored vehicles accessories

Bullet Proof Glass – Bulletproof glasses can be used in a number of contexts. You can have the bulletproof glass for your car's windshield and windows. The glass can also be used to create wisers protecting more parts of your face than a helmet would cover. The thicker the bulletproof glass is, the more protection it offers. Usually the thickness of glass increases as you go up in the internationally agreed levels of armoring. The higher your level of armoring is, the higher the protection level.

Heavy Duty Tyres and Run-Flats These are armored tires that contain an alloy or composite material doughnut shaped ring inside the tyre. This ring lies discretely within the rubber tyre and gives extra protection to your vehicle. Though this extra layer of protection within the tyre can increase the weight of the vehicle, it allows your vehicle to move at least 60 to 80 miles at the speed of about 60 mph, so that you can get away from a threat situation.

Suspension Kits – Suspension kits are superior equipment to improve the performance of your vehicle. These kits are installed on your vehicle to help lower it, raise it improve the vehicle's performance in a straight line, protect it from ground threats, increase ground clearance, reduce the potential of body roll and much more. Several different types of suspension kits are available, depending on the extent of security you need for your car.

Fuel System Parts Fuel system parts and components can be customized to improve your vehicle's reliability and performance. Since the fuel system is the primary component in your vehicle's mechanics, making changes in it can greatly alter your vehicle's performance. Performing customization's on the fuel system can also help divide it into high pressure and low pressure sides.

VHF Radio This is a very high frequency communication equipment, which is used for emergency communication over a wide range of distances. The radio frequency for such systems ranges between 156.0 and 162.025 MHz. You can have both handheld VHF radios and fixed VHF radios that can be installed in your vehicle.

Communication Equipments Various equipment's can be installed in your vehicle, or given to you for maintaining contact with the people you trust. Whether you want to maintain contact with your security team, or anyone else for that matter, these communication equipment can keep you connected even when you are on the move.

Winches – Electrical or hand winches can come in really useful in the time of threat. These are used to pull in or let out (wind or unwind) the tension in a rope. In vehicles, they can be used for towing or giving aid to someone who may have fallen down. They are used extensively for rescue and protection missions. They can be mechanical, hydraulic or electrical, depending on your budget and requirements.

Heavy Duty Hinges Heavy duty hinges for doors and windows can be used to protect them from being busted, torn down or broken. When these hinges are used to fasten the doors or windows, the entry into a room, a house or a vehicle is severely restricted. These can hold down gates and doors that may weight several thousands of pounds.

Public Addressing System – Ideal for situations where you need to address large gatherings or control the public. These are handheld, battery operated or electrical systems that can amplify your sounds with the help of inbuilt amplifiers and speakers.

Police Sirens For police and VIP vehicles, as well as ambulances, these sirens are ideal for announcing the arrival of a vehicle that needs room immediately. If not for the sirens, vehicles and pedestrians on a road may not leave space for a police vehicle on a high speed chase. These sirens not only help the police find space to move onto criminals, but also warn people to get out of the way.

Strobe Lights These lights ideally go with the siren, but can be used to identify police or VIP cars as well. These strobe lights are another, less noisy way of announcing the arrival of a police or law enforcement car. It is usually used alone or without the siren for less threatening situations.


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