This manual transmission vehicle is a 4 wheel drive, which can be used for extensive off-roading. This makes for an excellent armoured vehicle because it can be taken off the roads when threat strikes. It is also heavy and stable enough to bear the extra weight of even heavy armouring.

This 6 speed automatic transmission 4 wheel drive vehicle is much easier to maneuver in situations of strife. In circumstances that require quick escape or evasion from threat, this vehicle can be really useful.

This 5 speed automatic petrol vehicle is a great 4X4 that allows you both off-road and on-road safety when adequately armoured. Land Cruiser 4.6L with V8 engine is available in basic, mid and full options with or without sunroof.

With a 5.7 L engine, there is little that can stop this beast. When it is armoured at B6 level, it can provide extremely robust protection to its passengers or cargo. This will be one of the ideal vehicles to be armored to B7 level and above.

The Lexus LX570 comes with a 5.7 L, 32 Valve, DOHC - V8 Engine – with enough horsepower to take you away from any threatening situation with great ease. Available in classic and sport variants Lexus LX570 can also be used for armoring even to the level of B7 or above.

The Chevrolet suburban is perhaps one of the most powerful vehicles, with a 6.9 L engine. This 4 wheel drive offers excellent protection for you and your family.

The Nissan Patrol is a vehicle of choice for many a celebrities. This five speed automatic vehicle, with an option to switch to manual transmission is among the most coveted of armoured vehicles.

For those who like a robust security system, the armoured Jeep Cherokee is the perfect answer. Though it has a 3.6 L engine, it still provides a very strong protection option. Higher option also available with much stronger 6.4 L engine in Jeep Cherokee SRT models.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 79-series Pick-up Truck

The Toyota LandCruiser 79-series Pick-up Truck is ideal for law enforcement agencies and the armed forces. This provides superior protection like no other heavily armoured vehicle can.

B6 Armored Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4WD

This 2.5 L diesel pickup truck, with a double cab is armoured perfectly for carrying sensitive cargo in threat-like situations and strife. The petrol version of Toyota Hilux comes with a 2.7 L engine and available in both single and double cab options.

The Toyota Hilux 4 wheel drive with 3.0L diesel, VIGO, is a 4X4 vehicle that can be ideal for quick escapes from threatening situations.

This 86 seater bus is ideal for law enforcement agencies and unwitting civilians who need to escape from a difficult position. This 5 speed manual transmission vehicle is a full size bus and is ideal for large groups.

For smaller groups of people, the 23 seater Toyota Coaster is ideal. This can be armoured to the level of your specification and requirement.

Armored Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is an armoured sedan, ideal for concealable armour. This car can be lightly armoured to provide adequate protection and quick getaways.

We mainly deal with 3 different types of vehicles.

1.     Armored vehicles

Shell Armored Vehicles offer both used and new armoured vehicles. We also offer you full armouring of your existing vehicle. Whether you desire partial or complete armouring of your vehicles, we can offer you the desired solutions. We have a fleet of armoured vehicles that you can purchase or rent, and if you want, our experts can help you armour your own vehicles to your specifications.

At Shell Armoured Vehicles, we offer a variety of non armoured vehicles, with all the customizations that you require. You can bring in your own vehicles, with your set of specifications and we will make sure that we customize it to your exact requirements. You can be assured of the highest quality of materials and services to be used on your vehicle.

For any customizations for special needs, such as chair lifts, ramps and any other special request, meet with our customization specialist today. They will tell you about all the various components and customizations available for your requirements and will give you a quote for the same.


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