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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bulletproof Luxury Cars - To Offer Luxurious Protection

Bulletproof Luxury Cars

Bulletproof Luxury Cars

Some business and organization require Bulletproof Luxury Cars for their day to day operations for transporting VIPs and high profile individuals particularly if they operate in high risk areas. In other case, a high end business personnel or a high profile individual require an Armored Luxury Car for their transportation to trouble prone areas. No matter whether you are a private individual or business organization, you can rely on SHELL SPECIAL VEHICLES LLC based at United Arab Emirates, as we tailor luxury vehicle armoring process that best suit our client requirements.

When it comes to Bulletproof Luxury Cars, there are many factors to consider like,

  • Make and Model of the Vehicle
  • Luxurious and Comfortable Interior
  • Elegant & Luxurious Exterior
  • High Level of Vehicle Armoring Features and Vehicle Armoring Accessories (Extras) etc

The above luxury features are built into the Luxury Armored Car in the form of improved suspension, Quiet Interior, Powerful Engine, Spacious Cabin with Leg Room, Knee Room etc, Luxurious Upholstery, Proper Lighting, High Quality Infotainment System etc.

We take into consideration even the minute details from our client when it comes to adding the luxury element to your bulletproof car ensuring no compromise in offering complete protection from all kinds of threats. Above all we can build your Luxury Armored Vehicle with discreet appearance giving no clue of its bulletproofing.

Some of the major Bulletproof Luxury Vehicles that we armor are Luxury Bulletproof SUVs like Armored Mercedes Benz G500Armored Mercedes Benz GLS 400Armored Cadillac Escalade, Armored Lexus LX 570 etc.

For discussion about the vehicle armoring requirements, budget, payment options, documentation, delivery and any other related queries, please visit our website, to chat with us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Certain Interesting things about driving an Armored Car

An interesting infographics created by us about driving an Armored Car or a Bulletproof Vehicle

For the everyday travel or frequent travel to unsafe and risk prone areas, we recommend the use of bulletproofed cars or armored cars as the best means for transporting high profile individuals. 

SHELL SPECIAL VEHICLES LLC, based at United Arab Emirates is the expert in providing the best custom armored vehicles and sale of bulletproof cars to various geographic locations across the world including all countries in the African continent like Nigeria, Kenya, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Somalia etc, Asian countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Middle East Countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc.
Our speciality is "Building Custom Armored, Aesthetically Pleasing, High Quality Armored Cars at Affordable Budget."
For more details about our service and range of armored vehicles, Visit our website,

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner - An Affordable & Economical Armored SUV

Armored Toyota Fortuner

To Place Order for the most economical and affordable Armored SUV, Armored Toyota Fortuner, visit our website. Talk to our dedicated sales team to know more in detail about pricing, vehicle armoring requirements, documentation, delivery and other details.
We guarantee the delivery of high quality armored car that fits your budget.
Whatsapp +971 555 325 282

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Rise of Bulletproof Cars in Pakistan

Rise of Bulletproof Cars in Pakistan

Demand for Imported Dubai Armored Cars from UAE to Pakistan 

Sale of Bulletproof Cars to Pakistan|Armored Cars Pakistan

Connect to Shell Special Vehicles LLC in United Arab Emirates for discussing your vehicle armoring requirements, getting quotes, documentation details and shipping details. For initial details check out our website page, Mark the beginning of your ultimate protected journey with us.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Tips to Build Your Bulletproof Car on Budget

Tips to reduce the cost of bulletproof cars

Bulletproofing the car is a carefully planned, designed and implemented process that requires special expertise, technical knowledge and resources.

The cost to bulletproof a vehicle depends on several factors like

Bulletproofing the vehicle involves substantial cost as we cannot compromise the quality of ballistic glass and other armor plates that we use in the vehicle armoring process. As the thickness of the glass and the armor plates go higher, better protection will be ensured and hence higher will be the estimated budget. But with carefully research and planning we can significantly reduce the budget for vehicle armoring and bulletproofing by following certain points.

Talk to your Armored vehicle company about various budget options, various armored vehicle types, desired protection levels etc before placing the order for your dream Armored Car or a Bulletproof Car.

Check Out Top 4 tips to reduce the budget for Bulletproofing Your Car :


SHELL ARMORED VEHICLES based at Dubai in United Arab Emirates invests our time, expertise and money in inventing affordable vehicle armoring solutions. To custom armor your vehicle or to buy armored cars or bulletproof vehicles, connect to us through our website We also have a new production facility in Aqaba, Jordan under the name PETRA SAFE CARS CO LTD.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Tips to choose your perfect Armored Vehicle Manufacturer

Tips to choose the best Armored Vehicle Company

The demand for armored vehicles is increasing day by day due to the increasing number of unexpected threats, crimes, and attacks happening daily on the move in different parts of the world. As a result, to meet the ever-increasing demand for armored cars, many armored vehicle companies are emerging into the market than before. It has become very difficult to identify the best vehicle armoring company that can customize and fulfill our requirements at an affordable budget.
Here we are listing some of the points that you might consider before finalizing your armored vehicle manufacturer.

1: Do proper background research about the Armored Vehicle Company
Spend some time to understand the Armored Company, where they operate, about their manufacturing plant/factory, read their reviews, talk to their customers, if possible, give a direct call to the company and talk to the concerned sales or customer service team.

2: Check the Ballistic Standard that the Armored Vehicle Company follows and the Vehicle Armoring Materials the company uses:
In the Initial discussion with the concerned personnel of the Armored Car Company, understand the Ballistic standards they follow and discuss these details with another expert in the field too.

3: Ensure the armored vehicle company is issuing you the budget estimate to meet all your requirements along with about various payment periods and options.

4: Discuss the various armored vehicle features or accessories included in your budget and customize the armoring features to fit your budget.
    Experienced and Best Armored Car Companies would explain various budget options with the necessary armoring features needed for your protection level and keeps the cost within the affordable budget.

5: Discuss all the requirements that need to be met by the Vehicle getting armored in case you are providing the vehicle for the armoring or provide options of various Armored Cars that can fit within your budget and requirements.

6: Discuss in detail about the delivery and documentation process required to ship the armored car in case you require the vehicle to be delivered to another country.

7: If possible try to visit the armored vehicle manufacturing factory/plant to get the proper understanding of their nature of work and other details.

8: Discuss after-sales maintenance and service options.

9: Reach an agreement with the Armored Car Company regarding how long will it take to complete the vehicle armoring process including documentation and other delivery related processes.

Tips to choose the Best Armored Car Company

If you are convinced of getting proper answers for all of the above questions, you can conclude you have chosen your perfect armored vehicle manufacturer.

SHELL ARMORED VEHICLES is a trusted name in the Vehicle Armoring Market industry and we guarantee that we are the most reliable providers of customized armored vehicles, based in the United Arab Emirates. We are also operating from Jordan under the name PETRA SAFE CARS CO LTD. We have been building and customizing various Armored Vehicles including a wide range of Armored SUVs like Armored Land Cruiser, Armored Lexus LX570, Armored Cadillac Escalade, Armored Jeep Cherokee, Armored Toyota Fortuner, Armored Land Cruiser Prado, etc, Armored Buses, Armored Cash-in-transit, Armored Passenger Carrier, Armored Pick-up Trucks, etc.

What makes us different ?

  • Shell's trademark Engineering based on a holistic approach eliminates weaknesses on susceptible points of entry, consequently delivers ultimate armor against bullets and blasts.
  • Affordable Vehicle Armoring using High Strength Light Weight Armor Plating with certified Ballistic Glass.
  • The discrete appearance of the added armor in each armored vehicle eludes possible targeting.
  •  Even with the reinforced armor, our engineers preserve the original attributes of the vehicle as much as possible.

Numerous VIPs, NGOs, Private/Secret Security Agencies, Militaries, Police Forces from 44 countries spanning 3 continents are using our armored cars daily. For more details visit our website

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Armored Cars to Afghanistan, The Top Importer of Armored Cars in the world

According to Product Complexity Index (PCI), Armored Cars are the 695th most traded product and 303 rd most complex product in the world. As per the reports released by OEC in the year 2017, Afghanista($331M) is the top importer of Armored vehicles in the world followed by United States ($269M), Australia ($217M), Indonesia ($137M) and United Kingdom ($78.8M). It is quite interesting to point that in Afghanistan, Armored Vehicles are the second most imported product after wheat. 

The use of Armored vehicles has increased a lot in Afghanistan to ensure the safe transportation for military, civilian and government personnel operating in conflict zones and unsafe areas. The use of Armored Vehicles have become a necessity for the transportation of VIPs visiting and residing in Afghanistan, hence there is a huge demand for the luxury armored vehicles and vip armored vehicles too.

United Arab Emirates is the major hub in the Middle East World, manufacturing wide range of Armored Vehicles and importing to Afghanistan. There are a lot of Armored vehicle manufacturers in the UAE, but you should be extremely vigilant while choosing the right Armored Vehicle Company.  

Shell Armored Vehicles is a premium armored car manufacturer based in United Arab Emirates, customizing and supplying wide range of armored cars and bulletproof cars to Afghanistan. We are really proud to export high quality and premium Armored vehicles to the country which has bagged the title of the 'No:#1 Importer of Armored Vehicles in the world'. Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is our hottest seller followed by Armored Lexus LX570, Armored Jeep Cherokee, Armored Toyota Fortuner, Armored Pickups, Armored Bus, Armored Passenger Transport, Armored Cash-in-transit etc. We can armor your car at affordable budget ensuring no compromise in your safety. Reach us through WhatsApp +971555325282 or Mail to

Saturday, October 26, 2019

How to invest wisely while buying an Armored Car?

Tips to invest wisely while buying an Armored Car

Buying an Armored Car is one of the expensive investments for an organization or to an individual. You have to do proper research and planning in order to arrive at the best conclusion. The sole purpose of investing in an armored vehicle is ultimate protection and safety, hence going with the decision of buying a used Armored Car may sound ironic. There are many armored car companies offering sale of used armored vehicles and sale of new Armored cars. Here we are giving a brief about the pros and cons of investing in a new armored car or investing in a used armored car.

 Buying a used armored car / bulletproofed car should not be looked like buying a used normal car, you have to be meticulous about the condition of the armored parts of the car.

Buying a used armored car - Pros Vs Cons

Pros of buying a used armored car Cons of buying a used armored car
Used Armored Car will be less expensive than the new ones and makes you feel that you are saving a lot more money upfront. Difficult to credit the state of the used Bulletproofed Vehicle / Armored Vehicle.
Used Bulletproofed Car will definitely guarantee a shorter life time and incorporates more maintenance cost.
Bulletproof parts or the armored parts can deteriorate over time, becomes less effective to offer the required protection level, so the prime purpose of ultimate protection may be failed.

Decision of going with buying a used Armored Car will require you to dig deep into the below points
  • Understand the condition of vehicle with the help of an experienced individual in the armored vehicle market.  
  • Thorough background checks like maintenance history of the armored vehicle, mileage done, year of manufacturing etc are required.
  • Always do a background check about the armored vehicle company that manufactured the used armored car, as different armoured vehicle manufacturers follow different process and use different quality of armored components while they build it.
  • Try to get an armoring certification from the user and get it verified by the armored vehicle manufacturer who has originally built the armored vehicle.
Buy a New Armored Car - Pros Vs Cons

Pros of Buying a new armored car: Cons of buying a new armored car
You can choose your desired vehicle, customize the vehicle to give the right protection levels as per your requirements and add optional armoring accessories/features as per your choice. Expensive
As the vehicle belongs to the newer models, the armored car comes with the latest advanced technologies Quicker Depreciation
Low maintenance cost than going with a used one.

We would only recommend a used armored car certified by the manufacturer company as a great buy, provided the vehicle is in mint condition with necessary armoring level of protection and with less mileage. It is quite vivid that the customers are mostly forced to go with the decision of buying a used armored car primarily for the sake of saving the money.

Shell Armored Vehicles is a premium armored car company based in U.A.E,  manufacturing and customizing armored cars , doing the sales of various model of bulletproof vehicles to different African, Middle East, South Asian, Indian-Sub Continent, South American countries in the world. Our vision is to innovate and introduce the safest and the most affordable manufacturing technologies for armored cars. You can connect to us through email,, if you are looking to buy an armored vehicle at affordable budget. Visit our website to know more details and to chat with our dedicated sales team.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Armored Land Cruiser - The Car Built for Armoring & Bulletproofing

Armored Land Cruiser

Armored Land Cruiser is one of Armored World’s most favorite vehicle choice since this Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best-armored sports utility vehicle available on the market.
Bulletproofed Land Cruiser is considered as a highly reliable full-size SUV offering bulletproof and blast-proof specifications with reinforced body along with improved suspension and braking system.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser comes as a stable off-road vehicle and is suitable for all-terrain types. From the busy road streets to the sands of desert or off-road jungle roads, the carefully tailored Armored Land Cruiser blends well, without being conspicuous, yet offering confidence and trust for rough and tough drives. 

Some of the Bulletproof Features that can be given to Armored Land Cruiser are:

  • Heavy Duty & Run-flat Tyres
  • Brake System Upgrade
  • Suspension Upgrade
  • Armored Doors - Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Armored Fuel Tank
  • Bulletproofed Windows
  • Armored Roof
  • Armored Bulkhead at the rear
  • Engine, Battery & Radiator Protection
  • Noise Less Cabin
  • Custom Operable Window
  • Reinforced Bumpers
  • Full Under-Belly Blast Protection
  • Armored Car Floor
  • Tail Pipe Protection
With various armoring and non-armoring customizations, Armored Land Cruiser can be customized as a Luxury Armored Car for VIPs or celebrities or as a regular Armored Passenger Car for companies.
With the added weight and armored features, our engineers carefully design the Bulletproof Land Cruiser maintaining its original appearance, keeping the factory standard, discreet appearance with hidden enhanced protection from all sides.
Based on the levels of Armoring, the added weight varies from 400 kg to 1400 Kg.

Base Vehicle: 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser
Transmission: 6 AT / 8 AT
Seating Capacity: 8
Engine: 4.0L V6 / 4.5L V8 / 5.7L V8
Fuel Tank Capacity: 138 Litre

Shell Armored Vehicles is a premium manufacturer and supplier of Armored Vehicles based in UAE. We are investing our time and efforts in innovating and introducing the safest and most affordable manufacturing technologies for armored cars.  We have a dedicated sales team to assist you with all queries related to customization and to provide you with the best quote that suits your requirements. For details please visit our website You can also mail to for getting an immediate quote.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Top 5 Reasons behind Armored Lexus 570 being the most preferred Armored Vehicle for VIPs.

Buying an armored vehicle is not an easy decision, you have to consider many factors like level of safety protection requirement, performance and above all total cost of ownership. Choosing the right armored vehicle type depends a lot on the above factors.

Here I am listing Top 5 Reasons, why Armored Lexus LX 570 has become the most preferred choice of many VIPs worldwide.

1: Luxury

The Name "Lexus LX 570" itself comes as a Luxurious Brand Name with versatile seating equipped with expansive, customizable cabin and ample cargo space.

2: Advanced Technology: 

Lexus  LX570 comes as an intelligent and elegant vehicle that blends easily with our advanced vehicle armoring technology.

3: Safety: 

The stock Lexus LX 570 itself comes as an integrated suite of safety along with powerful engine where our advanced armoring solution enhances its safety triple-fold and the occupants inside it feel ultra-safe and secure.

4: Uncompromising Performance:

 Upgrades to vehicle's suspension and brakes are proportionally applied to balance the added armor weight without compromising its performance.

5: Off-road:


Lexus LX 570 is undoubtedly a true full time 4 wheel SUV which is robust and easier to maintain. From Crawl Control to Multi-Terrain select, the advanced system present in it makes it ready to tackle any kind of offroad challenges.

To get to know about the complete features of Armored Lexus LX570, visit our website page, Armored Lexus LX570 Specifications

Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) is a premium Armored vehicle Manufacturer based in UAE, supplying a wide range of Armored SUVs, Armored Sedans, Armored Pickup Trucks, Armored Cash-in-transit, Armored Bus, etc to various geographic locations in the world. We have the dedicated sales team who are always ready to help with your queries related to customization, quotes and documentation. You can visit our website to know us more and get in touch with our sales team.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Some Interesting Facts About Armored PickUp Trucks

Best Armored Pickup Truck Manufacturer UAE

Have you thought why Pick-Up Trucks are chosen to do armoring and bulletproofing to use for secured transportation in dangerous places? Due to certain facts Pick-Up Truck is chosen as the best candidate for armoring over other Armored Vehicle Types.

 10 Interesting Facts about Armored Pickup Trucks :

  1. Most of the makes and models of Armored Pick-Up Truck are designed to handle tough mission.
  2. When compared to Armored SUVs or Armored Cars, Armored Pickup is considered as a multi-tasked Armored Vehicle world wide.
  3. Another stunning feature of Armored Pickup Truck is its ability to withstand any kind of harsh environment.
  4. Armored Pick-Up is designed to tackle almost any terrain easily.
  5. Its most unique feature is the capability to transport both people and cargo.
  6. It also exhibits great off-road capability like Armored SUVs.
  7. Armored Pickup is considered to be durable as well as reliable.
  8. Most banks and other private organizations that frequently transport high value and economic prospects like coins, currencies, precious stones, gold, weapons etc prefer pick-up trucks for their secure transportation.
  9. One of the prime intention of using Armored pick-up truck is to resist robbery and hijacking.
  10. Armored Pick-Up Truck can be a great relief for a film director to use in movie action scenes.

4 Major considerations during the design and making of an Armored Pick-Up Truck 

       1: Ballistic Protection: Decide the right Ballistic Protection required for your armored                pickup. Ballistic Protection works with the added thickness of steel and glass, which
        will work against the below second factor, (GVW)

      2. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) : It is the maximum weight an armored pickup truck can
          carry safely including the passengers and cargo

      3. Security: The Ballistic Resistance will go waste if the valuables and the people inside the           truck  are not securely separated from the outside world.

      4. Comfort: Due to added weight and sealed nature of the armored truck, the inside
          becomes very hot, so make sure proper air-conditioning is given to regulate the
          temperature inside.

Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) is a premium Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in UAE providing various armoring customizations to various makes and models of Pickup Trucks for military, civilian and commercial use. We are a well known Armored Truck Manufacturer in the Middle East region providing Armored Cash-in-transit (Armoured Money Truck). We guarantee best quality armoring solutions at lowest price. Click Here to check out the various makes and models of Armored pickup truck that we manufacture in UAE and supply to various countries in the Middle East, Africa, South America, South Asia and Far East Asian countries. To know us in detail, please visit our website and Start Whatsapp chat with our dedicated sales team for the quotes and all sales enquires.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Armored Toyota LandCruiser Prado - An Affordable Armored SUV

Armored Toyota Prado is considered as one of the most affordable Amored SUVs providing security, performance and luxury feel at the same time. Shell Armored Vehicles in UAE highly recommends Armored Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for Private Security Companies worldwide. This SUV has a maximum seating capacity of 7 persons and our highly recommended Armoring Protection Level for Armored Land Cruiser Prado is B6. The finely crafted Armored Toyota LandCruiser Prado from the house of Shell Armored Vehicles (SAV) is considered to be one of the world-class Armored & Bulletproof vehicles.
Check out our specific Armored Enhancements given to Armored Prado:

  • High-Strength & Lightweight Armor
  • Ballistic Glass for Door-windows and windshield
  • Armor plating at the roof and floor
  • Strengthened Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges
  • Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine (ECM)
  • Armored bulkhead swing door behind the rear door with ballistic glass inside.
  • Upgrades to the Suspension and Brake System to repay the added weight of the Armor
  • Installation of Run-Flat Tires

  • To know more details about Armored Toyota LandCruiser Prado, visit our website page
    To get the best quote for Armored Toyota Prado, Connect to us through mail or whatsapp/call +971 555 325 282 Now!