Thursday, June 22, 2017

Armored Suv

Armored Suv based on Landcruiser is built upon Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series chassis, our fleet of other armored suv includes the following:

Armored GXR Diesel Manual
Armored GXR Diesel Automatic Basic
Armored GXR Diesel Automatic Full
Armored GXR 4.6 Petrol Automatic Basic
Armored GXR 4.6 Petrol Automatic Full
Armored VXR 4.6 Petrol Automatic
Armored VXR 5.7 Petrol Automatic
Armored Lexus LX 570
Armored Chevrolet Suburban
Armored Nissan Patrol
Armored Jeep Cherokee

We also deal and manufacture land cruiser of the 70 Series, 2000 Series and 2017 models. It is very best in on road and also off road terrains. It is also used as light military vehicle. This vehicle has attained the symbol of immortal for years by experts. Apart from the above said, our clients can bring in thier own vehicles for armoring or choose from our ready stock to be delivered to you. We handcraft each and every vehicle that is used by our customers.

Clients do trust us when it comes to armoring TLC's becuase we do it with utmost care and our expert engineers who are readily available and best in their job to produce world class TLC armoring. If you carry any doubts regarding our armoring or our TLC 2017 products, we will be more than happy to assist you in any manner you need. Please visit us at : to know more about our latest products under our hood.


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